History of the Theatre

The Valatie Theatre was originally built as a “movie house” in 1926, to showcase music, theatrical performances and films. For 50 years, the Valatie Theatre was an integral part of the thriving and vigorous mill community. Unfortunately, the textile mills shutdown, the local economy changed, and the Valatie Theatre was forced to close its doors in 1970. Many residents of this age still recall spending leisure time at the Valatie Theatre, enjoying motion picture nights and live performances of theater and music.

In 2004-5, a grassroots organization formed. Spurred by the idea that this historic venue could still delight and entertain members of the community, the Valatie Community Theater, Inc. became a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization. Guided by a volunteer board of directors, our goal is the preservation, rehabilitation, operation and promotion of this historic theatre. Our mission is to bring artistic opportunities to Valatie and the greater community.

We want more than anything to keep the historical value of the theatre alive: after all, the theatre still has the original tin ceilings and seats. But much needed repairs have been done, and still need to be done, in order to maximize the comfort and convenience of all patrons and staff. Renovation projects include structural reinforcements, installation of modern electrical, plumbing and heating/air conditioning equipment, roof repairs, theatre offices, box office and theatre facilities such as stage lighting, audio equipment, dressing rooms, set storage, and a projection and control booth. At the completion of the theater renovations, there will be seating for approximately 256 people.